Retail analysts predict that its appearance will not create a “retail change” that some new research from PayPal is concerned, but PayPal’s new study shows that nearly one in three Three small business owners have “emphasized” the appearance of Amazon.
Amazon’s first launch proved unequal to many promising online buyers yesterday as it only showed a limited number of listings for a select group of customers.
Amazon is unlikely to provide cheaper prices for all items, O’Connor predicts, although there will be some special discounted items.
Australians have raised their hopes so high that Amazon will be the cheapest on a range of products.
The company can start a price war if it wants on the major items daily, according to an Australian business owner who listed the goods with Amazon yesterday.

Founder Gerry Harvey says his retail chain might be a good fit for the Amazon if it launches “competitive pricing.”
Mr O’Connor said that large Australian retail chains and retailers without a modern online strategy, their interest in the emergence of Amazon is justified.


Mr O’Connor said: “There will be a number of businesses falling into this sort of situation, there will be some businesses that are in trouble, but there will be people in the competitive position.”
“I do not think there is any doubt that retailers need to be concerned and need to foster innovation in their business and rethink their operations, rather than relying on periods. their expectations. ”
The additional competition is placing small and medium businesses under severe pressure, according to PayPal’s study (Friday), showing that nearly a third are interested in increasing online sales revenue theft. .
Spokesman for PayPal Australia, Brian McDonnell, said research by 200 business owners showed they were well aware of the increased competition for Christmas shopping this year.
“Twenty-eight percent of the businesses surveyed emphasized online competition. “Amazon is definitely a factor in their thinking there.”