Staying in Australia is a must for many, but not everyone can stay here to enjoy a good education and security system. Here are some ways you can stay in Australia easily.

1. Studying in AustraliaThe Australian Government allows students who have completed two or more years of study to stay in Australia for a period of 18 months to a maximum of four years (depending on the work group).
In the meantime, if you are fortunate to find a sponsoring employer, you may be considered to be a “Permanent Residen- tion” (PR), from which the opportunity to become a Citizen becomes open. .

2. Refugees
Citizens from war-torn countries often come to Australia as an ideal refuge, especially from Middle East countries, as the natural conditions are quite similar between Australia and the region. As Australia is surrounded by oceans, sea is a popular refuge.

However, the Australian government has been very aggressive in handling refugee boats by 2014, by detecting and preventing offshore offenses, and at gathering refugees in custody camps for consideration. asylum or not.

These detention centers are located both inside and outside Australia (Nauru and Papua New Guinea). Many non-war nationals also seek refuge in this way.

3. Dependents
Many Australian Government scholarships are not allowed to remain in Australia after graduation, so they come to this path.

When they are nearing graduation, their spouse will be looking for work to be allowed to stay at work, or take a course to extend their time and look for opportunities.

From work visa, spouse will continue to search for PR. After the expiration of the Australian ban on previous student visa conditions, the former student may return to Australia under family reunification. Parents can also be dependents of children under the Parental Guarantee.

4. Marrying an Australian citizen
Many people take advantage of their time abroad, travel to Australia and then apply for a visa to stay. A large number are married to Australian citizens abroad and then to Australia.

It is undeniable that serious marriages are very much. However, this is also a very good “market” for brokers and those who make money by “marriage services.”

5. Skilled Workers
Persons who are living outside Australia and who have experience of Australian work prioritizing Australian immigration can apply.

Each year in July, the federal and state governments will publish a list of priority industries. So people need to update this list of industries.

6. Invest in Australia
In the streets this is probably the most “expensive” route. Investors come to Australia with a head start because they bring Australia a large sum of money instead of spending money from the country.

To find out which visa type is right for you when you move to Australia, you can use the Finder visa application recently adopted by the Australian Department of Immigration. However, this tool only applies to visa applicants and does not apply to dependents.

Thanh Huong / Australian Newspaper